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Address: 402-30 Ave NE, Calgary, AB East of Edmonton Trail, at 30th and 31st Ave


Instagram: PrairieSkyCohousingYYC

Facebook: Public group page at Prairie Sky Cohousing Group

Twitter: @Sky_yyc

Psky courtyard_solar

“Prairie Skies” that are not us.

If you found us, you’ve already navigated the search terms! newly tops the Google search for “Prairie Sky”. It’s a pretty site… with classic Prairie/Waving grass/Oil pump images, but it is not ours. Prairie Sky Royalties “commenced active business May 2014”; late to the party. They had asked to buy our name. But because we agree it’s a good name and have used it for over a decade, we quickly declined their offer. So, if you are looking for investment in oil, go there.

However, if you are looking for great people, yummy common meals, investment in community living, social health and fairly regular doses of fun, search for “Prairie Sky Cohousing. Here we have a strong foundation of houses and community that was built in tandem, from the ground up, with care and intention.

We share a name with an independent book seller in Winnipeg, MB (, and in Regina, SK, a poplar tree (sold in Calgary and sold at Dutch Growers Garden Centre in Saskatoon, SK), and several other landscape, garden centres. Let’s  not forget the Prairie Sky bluegrass band. We have never met them but they look like fun: Prairie Sky, the musicians.