• There is an upcoming sale this spring 2021
  • Contact us for an invitation to a Zoom Info Session to hear more about the community, cohousing in general and details about the home for sale: email info@prairiesky.ca  

Prairie Sky Cohousing in Calgary’s Winston Heights neighbourhood has a family townhome for sale!  A 4 Bedroom, 3 Bath family townhouse with a courtyard facing, 2nd-floor balcony, immediate access to a courtyard and an amazing community is waiting for you!  

Winston Heights itself has one of the best community gardens around. A garden in summer and a skating rink in winter, it is 1.5 blocks away. We are immediately across from a large field, pleasant for frisbee, skiing when there is snow, and just having access to a sense of space.

The balance of private homes and spared shaces here at Prairie Sky is perfect for these times. 

For more about cohousing, you can explore the Canadian Cohousing Network.

NOTE: At times, owners choose to rent to roomates. There are no rentals at this time.